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Student Travel Awards

The ornithological societies sponsoring the NAOC-V will offer current and recently graduated students an opportunity to compete for travel awards in a single combined program. Travel funds are limited, and we expect that successful applicants on average may receive approximately $400 to $500 to support travel expenses. Please note that both Student Travel Awards and Latin American Travel Awards use the same application procedures.

Eligibility for Student Travel Awards

•    Students at the undergraduate, MSc and PhD level will be eligible to apply for a Travel Award. In addition, individuals who have recently completed their degree requirements will also be eligible to apply. The Student Travel Awards Committee defines “recent students” as individuals that have completed all requirements of their degree  no earlier than 1 July 2011. Recent students must, however, be presenting results of research that was carried out during their degree program.

•    Students from Latin American countries are welcome to apply for both a Student Travel Award and a Latin American Travel Award; however, students will only be eligible to receive funding from one source.

•    Only students that are members of societies organizing the NAOC-V will be eligible to apply for Student Travel Awards. Students must by the application deadline (15 January 2012) have paid their 2012 membership dues to at least one the societies participating in the NAOC-V.

•    Students will be eligible to apply for a Student Travel Award regardless of whether they are participating in the regular contributed sessions or are part of a symposium. Students must, however, be first and presenting author of the presentation, which may include additional co-authors.


•    The deadline for submission of abstracts for contributed oral and poster presentations will be 29 February 2012. The deadline for receipt of applications for Student Travel Awards will be 15 January 2012. The Student Travel Awards Committee intends to inform students of the results of their application for travel funds approximately one week prior to the submission deadline of abstracts for contributed oral and poster presentations.

•    Applications will include (1) a completed cover sheet (NAOC-V Travel Awards Cover Page), (2) an expanded abstract including title and authors, and (3) a transportation budget. The expanded abstract must be written in English, and no more than 2 pages of double-spaced text, using minimum 1” margins, and 12 point font size. Applicants may optionally include a third page with up to 2 tables or figures with captions.  The budget should be presented on a seperate page (ie, is not part of the expanded abstract), in US currency, and include transportation and accommodation expenses only (travel awards will not cover expenses associated with registration or meals).

•    The Student Travel Award Committee hopes to receive abstracts that include (1) a brief statement of the relevance of the study within the field of research and a clear explanation of the objectives; (2) a concise description of methodology and statistical analysis; (3) an explicit description of evidence obtained in the context of a completed project, supported by key figures and/or tables as space allows; and (4) a clear explanation of the study’s conclusions and broader significance.

•    Email the completed cover sheet, expanded abstract and budget as a single Word (doc/docx) file to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please name the file with last name and initials of applicant, e.g., “WallaceAR.doc”.

•    Please note that individuals applying for Student Travel Awards must still register for the meeting and submit a regular standard abstract for the Scientific Program. Please consult the conference web site for details of these processes (, which are separate from the Student Travel Awards review. Receipt of any funds allocated by the Student Travel Awards Committee will be contingent on acceptance of the student’s presentation by the Scientific Program Committee.


•    We ask all prospective applicants to appreciate that funds for Student Travel Awards will be limited, and awards will be determined through a competitive process among applicants intending to present work associated with each of several educational levels (undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral). Preference will therefore be given to individuals who will be presenting the results of a project that has been carried through to completion or near completion, and will be presenting work with clear conclusions that are strongly supported by data analyses. Students wishing to present more preliminary results or work in progress are welcome to do so, but should keep in mind that we will be examining abstracts for evidence of sufficient data for a fruitful presentation. Students engaged in continuing studies are welcome to attend the NAOC-V and submit abstracts for the Scientific Program, but the Student Travel Awards Committee urges prospective applicants to keep these evaluation priorities in mind when deciding whether to apply for travel support, and when developing their expanded abstract and other application materials.

•    Decisions of the Student Travel Awards Committee will be based on evidence of eligibility in the application, and on clarity, completeness, scientific merit, and originality of the research to be presented, as detailed in the expanded abstract. Applications will be evaluated by a committee that includes members of each of the societies participating in the NAOC-V.

Student Travel Awards Committee
Russ Dawson (Chair, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Information regarding Latin American Awards can be found HERE

PLEASE NOTE: Students wishing to be considered for Presentation Awards are required to submit a separate application to the Student Presentation Awards Committee. Further information can be found HERE